Reproductive Freedom

When the US Supreme Court overturns Roe vs Wade later this summer, Michigan will revert to a 1931 law that criminalizes almost all abortions, even when a woman is a victim of rape or incest. I will fight to make sure that we restore the right of Michigan women to make health care decisions about their own bodies.

Working Families

Good childcare shouldn’t be a luxury.

The average annual cost of infant childcare in Michigan is $10,861 [1], almost the cost of in-state college tuition. When working parents can’t afford childcare, families and communities suffer. As your State Senator, I will prioritize early childhood education and childcare for Michigan’s working families.


Voting Access

More participation means a stronger democracy.

I am alarmed by proposals to enact voter ID laws that could disenfranchise 18K voters. I believe our communities are stronger when more people participate in government, not fewer, and I look forward to fighting to expand voting access.

Responsible Government

I will hold government responsible for spending taxpayer dollars wisely.

My passion isn’t government, it’s good government. Since I first ran for elected office 20 years ago, I’ve been fighting against corruption that deprives kids and communities of resources they need. As your State Senator, I will continue holding the government responsible for spending your taxpayer dollars wisely.

School Funding

Our kids are relying on us to retain teachers.

We’ve seen it again and again – Lansing cuts funding for schools, those schools cut services, their students leave, and the cycle repeats. Enough is enough. Our kids deserve better, and we can get there by funding schools and retaining our teachers.

Lake St. Clair and the Clinton River Watershed

Let’s keep our waterways and beaches clean.

Combined sewage overflow (CSO) into Lake St. Clair has repeatedly resulted in E. Coli contamination of our local beaches. As your State Senator I will draw on my experience on the 8 ½ Mile Drain Board, where we developed a first-of-its-kind bladder to reduce CSOs, to find innovative solutions for CSOs and make our beaches and waters safe again.

Lake St. Clair

Public Safety

Safety is the bedrock of community.

Michigan is bleeding firefighters and police officers to other states. Cities will train a first responder but are unable to retain them. Safety is the bedrock of community and that means supporting our first responders.

As a parent and a former school board member, I am deeply committed to keeping our schools and neighborhoods safe from gun violence. That is why I demand common-sense gun reform now. I believe that with the right to bear arms come responsibilities and that we must have common-sense gun reform to stop the gun violence epidemic. 

“When will we stop allowing our schools, parks, grocery stores, places of worship, and now hospitals to be war zones?”


A win for communities, a win for workers.

The federal bipartisan infrastructure bill provides much-needed funds to help rebuild our crumbling infrastructure. I will ensure that every single dollar we spend goes to building infrastructure and creating good paying jobs.

bridge with a person walking across
dollar bill

Wage Justice

It’s time to pay workers fairly.

From 2000 to 2016 there was a 76% drop in labor’s share of corporate income.[1] I will support our labor unions and collaborate with local businesses to encourage fair wages for workers. I will also promote vocational education and work with local unions to create job training opportunities


Michigan State capitol